Monday, September 30, 2019

Links to order 2 fact-filled works of historical fiction

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Order Invictus at :

Order The Black Spaniard at :

Order Invictus at Barnes & Noble ( :

Order The Black Spaniard at B&N (bn. com) :

Forgot the link? Search books at either site and enter the terms: Invictus l.l. holt  <or>  black spaniard holt

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Brad Pitt has "Invictus" tattooed on his arm!

Just when I thought publicity for the novel, "Invictus" by L.L. Holt, couldn't get any better, I read in The New York Times yesterday that Brad Pitt has Invictus tattooed on his arm! Every time he waves to the camera, thousands of fans scramble to the Internet to look up and find the title of my new book! It just doesn't get any better than this.

To find out the real meaning of Invictus, order a copy at Make sure you get the version by L.L. Holt. It's such a popular concept that you'll find dozens of older books with this name, but not the same smokin' hot Brad Pitt version!

On the page before the preface, you'll find everything you need to know about Invictus. But don't stop there! You'll want to read THE WHOLE BOOK, with its message of triumph over despair, justice over prejudice, and hope over tragedy, and how each one of us can reach for and attain our own star in the firmament of possibilities.

Thank you, Brad, for helping me communicate the importance of self-confidence and becoming the best we can be to millions of people around the world. Now, Everyone, go grab a copy of "Invictus" by L.L. Holt for every organization, club, and individual you know. What a holiday gift! What a guy!